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Glamping India - Mahindra Open Sky Glamping India - Mahindra Open Sky Glamping India - Mahindra Open Sky

We live young, we live free, we are the living.

You love to travel, you love music, you wouldn’t mind a little adventure too. The Mahindra Open Sky is a hint at all that.
We found this amazing tented camp on the very first and largest dune of the mighty Thar Desert. Here, set in perfect old world charm, we have set up an open sky experience that you might like.

For those of us who have promised ourselves that one day we will be a nomadic traveller, one day we will listen to music under the stars, one day we will flirt with adventure, one day we will explore the great wide open for all those one days, here’s two. A unique glamping experience in India awaits your presence.

Witness the colossal constellations from the first dune of Thar

Open Sky Experience - Mahindra Open Sky Open Sky Experience - Mahindra Open Sky

An intimate experience Ayushmann Khurrana with Ayushmann Bhava awaits the 500 seekers

Warm down to the melody of the guitar with an illuminating bonfire.

Energise your mind, body and spirit under the open sky with the master trainer

Reggie’s camel camp

“...better dinner than the Plaza,
better breakfast than the Ritz, better beds than the Dorchester,
better than my greatest hits...” - Sting

Your host will be Reggie Singh, the grandson of Maharaj Ratan Singh of Jodhpur
whose passion for the great Indian outdoors is almost tangible.


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