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The world is one tribe, Under The open sky

What is Mahindra Open Sky?

We live young, we live free, we are the living

You love to travel, you love music, you wouldn’t mind a little adventure too.

The Mahindra Open Sky is a hint at all that. We found this amazing tented camp on the very first and largest dune of the mighty Thar desert. Here, set in perfect old world charm, we have set up an experience that you might like.

The Mahindra Open Sky is an intimate mehfil for 500 people. Here you live the nomadic life, of exploring in the wilderness, listening to great music while you chill on the soft sand, eating authentic home cooked meals, staying in a nice tent (with running water), camping in the desert and doing the things you always wanted to. (Yes we have a well stocked bar)

There’s a lot to do here, like bashing our Thar in the Thar! Exploring the desert, yoga and wellness, camel racing and our favourite – absolutely nothing! Do absolutely nothing here. We highly recommend it.

Come hang out. It will be fun we promise you. We will take very good care of you, and make sure you have the time of your life.

Mahindra Open Sky is promoted and Produced by Oranjuice Entertainment. We create enriching experiences that brighten our audiences' lives and enliven our clients' brands; simple but authentic journeys that begin long before the first note is plucked and continue long after the final echoes fade. We do this because we love to celebrate music, to tell stories and to make memories that last forever.


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